Why Spiritual Intelligence

spiritual intelligence guidesSpiritual Intelligence is your personal growth in transforming and connecting to your “inner voice.”  Your inner voice is your intuition, gut, your sixth sense.  It is your “soul’s intelligence” or one’s higher self.  This spiritual intelligence guides you throughout your day, week, month and life.  You realize who you are and begin to live your life with that awareness.  Your life begins to transform.

By connecting to your spiritual intelligence, you begin to explore a deeper and more meaningful life.  You begin to explore what your higher purpose is in life and how you can achieve it.  By exploring this deeper meaning, you begin to create an expansive awareness that allows your goals and dreams to manifest.

By applying spiritual intelligence in your life, you begin to understand and see other people’s perspectives and how it impacts your life.  You are more aware of other people’s interactions and you begin to act more compassionately.  You start to make wiser decisions which impact your personal and professional growth.  By acting more proactively, you optimize your decision-making capabilities.

You become more self-empowered, self-accepting and self-responsible.  As you explore your personal and professional lives with a new perspective of spiritual intelligence, you create a bigger vision.  A bigger vision for your own personal self-growth.  A bigger vision for your business growth.  You break through your limiting belief system and tap into more creativity and expand your thought process.

Understanding and applying Spiritual Intelligence in your life allows you to create balance in your personal and professional lives.  You begin to understand the connection of the mind, body and spirit.  You work together to “wholistically” bring harmony to all areas of your life, reducing your stress and bringing joy and happiness into your workplace and home life.  You recognize that connecting to your inner voice allows you to tap into a higher intelligence which helps guide you in making critical decisions in your life and will ultimately bring you happiness, joy and self-fulfillment.

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